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Hedgehogs After Dark: Roaming

1st June 2020

It’s the fourth week of Hedgehogs After Dark, and we’re exploring roaming behaviour in hedgehogs, and the use of Hedgehog Highways.

As a small animal, it often surprises people that hedgehogs can travel an average of 1-2km in a single night, sometimes more! A common behaviour for people to spot is therefore roaming, which is simply when a hedgehog is travelling from A to B.

Photo by Steve Dickerson

Hedgehogs may be walking or even running, occasionally reaching a top speed of 3 metres per second. While a hedgehog’s legs are often hidden beneath their spines, they are surprisingly long (up to 10cm) and more visible when a hedgehog is travelling.

Hedgehogs may also be using dedicated Hedgehog Highways to access different gardens. Installing a 13x13cm gap through or under your garden fence or boundary will ensure hedgehogs can access and roam as far as they need to.

Hedgehogs get up to all sorts in our gardens. You can find out more, and see video examples of lots of different behaviours HERE.

If you want to tell us what your hedgehogs have been up to, take part today!

Please note: You’ll need to be a registered Hedgehog Champion to take part, so you may be redirected to register or log in via the button above. It’s free to sign up, and you’ll also get access to lots of free downloadable resources.