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Hedgehogs After Dark: Swimming

6th July 2020

It’s the ninth week of Hedgehogs After Dark, and we’re looking at a behaviour that hasn’t been logged very much so far – swimming!

Did you know that hedgehogs can swim? They are actually pretty good at it too. While it’s not the most common hog behaviour you’ll see in the garden, it does happen and can be a result of a hedgehog fight and one being shoving into the pond.

It’s therefore important to make sure that your pond is safe and that a swimming hedgehog is able to get out. If your pond has steep sides, a hedgehog may find itself stuck, and meet an untimely end. Either giving your pond a sloping side, or putting in a ramp or a small pile of stones/bricks in the corner will make it safe.

**Hedgehogs After Dark has now finished, but you can check out the highlights on our YouTube channel, and log hedgehog sightings on the BIG Hedgehog Map!**