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Free hedgehog advice guides

8th September 2022

As well as our Top Tips guide for gardens, did you know we have free advice guides for stakeholders including developers, farmers and land managers?

Helping hedgehogs on your land

Designed with farmers in mind, this rural land management advice offers practical advice on actions that will benefit hedgehogs as well as other species. The guide also highlights relevant Countryside Stewardship options for each management practice.

Download here

Hedgehog ecology and land management

This guide gives an overview of hedgehog ecology and behaviour, as well as population changes, threats, mitigation and surveying. It was designed as an accompaniment to the Hedgehog Ecology and Management for Practitioners (HEMP) course, designed and run by PTES and BHPS for land managers. This guide can be shared with local councils as well as park and greenspace managers.

Download here

Hedgehogs and development

This guide offers advice for development companies on hedgehog ecology, legal status and surveying methods. It also explains how hedgehogs can be factored in and mitigated for before, during and after the build.

This guide can be given to development companies as well as local planning authorities (LPAs) to highlight how and why hedgehogs should be considered on new-build sites.

Download here

Top tips

If you haven’t seen it before, this leaflet gives 10 Top Tips for helping hedgehogs in the garden. These include hedgehog highways, wildlife-friendly features and supplementary food.

We can send out batches of this garden advice guide to registered Hedgehog Champions. They’re great for introducing friends, family and neighbours to the ways in which they can help hogs. The smaller A6 size of this leaflet makes it a handy little one stop shop. If you have a talk or event where you’d like to distribute this leaflet, we can post out batches for you. Please give us as much notice as you can to make sure we can get them to you in time.

Download here

Photo by Gillian Allan

Get in touch

If you have any questions about these guides or would like to request hard copies, drop us a line at

We strive to update these advice guides as new research and legislation comes to light. Please note that older print copies may therefore contain out of date information. This page contains the most up to date information!