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Hedgehog genetic samples needed

16th June 2021

Jessica Turner is a researcher based at the Institute of Zoology and Queen Mary University of London. She is looking at how isolated hedgehog populations are in London, and what impact this is having on them.

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Samples from dead hedgehogs

Part of the research is looking at the effect of this isolation on the genetics of the population. To help with this, Jessica is looking to collect tissue samples (particularly spines) from deceased hedgehogs. She is looking for samples from across greater London and surrounding areas close to the city including Kent, Surrey, Essex, Hertfordshire, and Buckinghamshire.

This is in order to conduct a genetic analysis to understand how threats in urban environments are impacting hedgehog populations. These threats include loss of greenspaces, and barriers to movement such as roads and buildings.

If you find a deceased hedgehog, please make a note of the location and, if it is safe to do so, collect using gloves and store somewhere safe and cool. Please then contact us via for further instructions.

NB please do not interfere with live hedgehogs.

Photo by Lukasz Walas