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Hedgehog Street People: Dave from Runcorn

20th January 2023

Cheshire-based hedgehog activist Dave has been exploring different ways to help the species. From changes to his own garden through to advocating for hedgehogs with the local council, he shares his experiences and what he plans to do next…

“When I realised the scale of the decline in Hedgehog numbers in recent decades, I felt compelled to do my bit to not be responsible for its extinction in years to come.

I’ve persuaded friends to put up hedgehog boxes and put 3 holes in my fence giving access to 2 other gardens for my visiting hedgehogs. I had an article in the local newspaper about road dangers and another warning of the danger of bonfires bonfires to hedgehogs. I contacted ten housebuilders about new estate fences having hedgehog holes, though unfortunately haven’t heard back from many.”

Dave’s hedgehog highway

“Following multiple hedgehog road casualties in the area, I raised the issue with local bodies. Arriva put an article in their drivers magazine to help. The council also allowed me a 400 word hedgehog article in the their residents’ magazine which goes through 100,000 doors.

My biggest success has been the introduction of a council-led schools competition for kids to design local hedgehog protection signage. Four have been put up in Runcorn so far with the possibility of more next year due to my lobbying.”

Hedgehog warning signs designed by local school children

“The public love hedgehogs and are happy to help. The companies, government and those in authority however, could certainly do more to help. I’m retiring in March, and hope to offer the public a free ‘hog hole’ cutting service. We can and must all do something to help halt the decline of this wonderful iconic British mammal. When you feel you’re getting nowhere keep going, a result may be just around the corner. Hedgehogs need us!”

Dave’s Top Tips

It’s a good idea to write to development companies undertaking local projects. Make them aware of hedgehog highways and refer them to Hedgehog Street who can provide advice and support.

Placing hedgehog stickers in windows and on wheelie bins helps to raise awareness locally.