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Hedgehog Housing Census

The first ever national census of hedgehog nestboxes is now live!

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The first national survey of hedgehog houses

Hedgehog Street has just launched a national census of hedgehog houses to try and find out more about them. This survey is in partnership with the University of Reading and Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, and closes on the 31st October 2017.

Since 2011,we know that over 4,000 of our dedicated Hedgehog Champions have hedgehog houses.  This survey is specifically about structures designed for hedgehogs to nest in at any time of year, as opposed to feeding stations that are designed to shelter hedgehogs while they eat and/or drink.

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Why are we doing it?

There is a lot of advice about how best to use hedgehog houses, but we need to do some research to be sure that this advice is well-founded and appropriate. The aim of this survey is to collect evidence that will help to guide people on how best to use hedgehog houses to help hedgehogs, based on the experiences of the thousands of you that already have them.

However, please do not infer any guidance or advice on using hedgehog houses from the wording of the questions in the survey; we are just asking about your past experiences, not suggesting any particular course of action. So please do not disturb any hedgehogs or nests in order to complete this survey.  We will share the results with you and give guidance once the data have been collected and analysed.

Some of the questions we would like to answer are:

  • How frequently do hedgehog houses get used
  • Which design is best?
  • Does positioning of the box affect usage?
  • Should you provide bedding?
  • Does the presence of pets or other animals affect whether the box will be used?
  • Are commercially available designs worth the money – or is DIY better?

If you own a hedgehog house, take the survey today.

Having problems with the survey?

Check out our survey FAQ page for some frequently asked questions about the survey.