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How do I know if I have hedgehogs?

There are lots of ways to find out if hedgehogs are visiting your garden. 

  1. Check out the BIG hedgehog map to see if people have spotted hedgehogs near you
  2. Hedgehog poop is quite recognisable 
  3. ‘Hog prints are unique so if you have any wet earth, sand or want to use a proper mammal surveying tunnel you can see if ‘hogs are using your garden
  4. If you have a hedgehog house, place some leaves/bedding near the house entrance – a ‘hog will likely drag this into the house for nesting, so look out for bedding that has been moved
  5. Another trick is to place a stick over the house entrance and if this has moved it could be that a hedgehog is using it
  6. Finally, the sure fire way of spotting hedgehogs is installing a wildlife camera facing the house. There are some great affordable ones here on Nature Spy

Good luck! And remember to up load any images to the gallery so your fellow champions can see what you’ve found.