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Meet the Hedgehog Champions: The next generation

9th May 2020

Hedgehog Awareness Week Day 7

For the final day of Hedgehog Awareness Week 2020, we’re meeting some of the next generation of Hedgehog Champions. Yasmin (12), Freya (14) and Rebecca (18) are youth ambassadors for Hedgehog Street, as well as Action for Conservation.

Action for Conservation is a UK environmental education charity that works with young people across the UK to inspire the next generation of conservation leaders.

With their parents’ support, Yasmin, Freya and Rebecca became Hedgehog Champions and have been working to help hedgehogs.

Not a Hedgehog Champion yet? You can sign up HERE.

Yasmin, aged 12 from the North West

I am inspired to help hedgehogs because I know that they are endangered and I want to do all I can to be part of a movement to save such amazing creatures.

To help hedgehogs, myself and my neighbours decided to make access holes in our hedges and fences, to make it easier for them to travel. We have also planted hedges in a secluded area near our house, where hedgehogs will be safe.

I love hedgehogs because I think they are such innovative creatures, as they use the resources around them to survive without causing any trouble. I also find it fascinating that they are so well adapted to the environment, yet aren’t deadly predators but adorable creatures!

Freya, aged 14 from the South West

I was inspired to help hedgehogs because I try my best to look after animals the best I can and hedgehogs are an important part of conservation – and they’re really cute!  I’ve made a hole in my fence so that hedgehogs can come into my garden.

What I like most is that Hedgehog Street is raising awareness for hedgehogs and bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together to work to protect hedgehogs.

I love hedgehogs because they’re really cute and I remember when I was a kid my mum used to take me to the rare breeds farm in south Devon (where i used to live) and they had hedgehogs there that they would rescue, look after and then release when they’re older.

Rebecca, aged 18 from the South East

Hi, I’m Rebecca and I am a youth ambassador for Action for Conservation. I was inspired to join Hedgehog Street when AFC introduced me to the charity. Even though I live in the countryside I have never seen a wild hedgehog, which makes me realise how threatened they are. 

The Hedgehog Street campaign is great because it gives practical steps and activities that can have an impact on hedgehogs instead of only campaigning for awareness. For example, we have built a hole in our gate for hedgehogs, or a “hedgehog highway”, to allow hedgehogs to move between gardens. I have also warned my dad to watch out for hedgehogs before he cuts long grass at home, and to check piles of wood outside before moving them or making fires. 

The Hedgehog Street campaign is a great way to raise awareness, take action for and learn about hedgehogs (which, let’s face it, are pretty cute!) I hope everyone who reads this sees that its really easy to take small steps that make a big difference. 

Next week Action for Conservation are launching a brand new FREE digital programme WildWEB to support young people aged 13 – 17 to take action for the environment over this period and prepare for the world that lies beyond the lockdown.