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Why do people love hedgehogs?

22nd February 2018

They are prickly, smelly, and really make themselves at home in your garden, so why is that this British mammal is so well-loved?

With their unique, charismatic appearance and harmless perception as quite a vulnerable little creature, hedgehogs regularly make it to ‘Britain’s favourite mammal’ in polls. They evoke such an affectionate response that there’s every reason to be hopeful that we can reverse this decline. After all, we can’t risk losing Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, she’s part of our cultural heritage!

But what do hedgehogs love? Well, that’s a tricky one as it can be lots of things, but one thing we do know is that they certainly love earthworms!

Did you know that earthworms make up a major part of a hedgehog’s diet?

They are a vital source of food for hedgehogs and numerous other garden creatures. Which means soil quality is also important to make sure earthworms can thrive in your garden.  Our friends at Earthworm Watch (a joint project from Earthwatch Institute and the Natural History Museum) have launched a survey asking the public to dig for earthworms and count them!

Earthworms are ‘ecosystem engineers’ which aerate the soil, improve soil fertility and prevent flooding.  If you want to take part, visit their website here.   By helping earthworms, you are directly helping hedgehogs!

For more advice on what hedgehog eat, you can visit the Hedgehog Street website here.