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Long running surveys

Living with Mammals (LwM)

This survey is run by PTES and aims to find out how our wild animals use the built environment and the green spaces within it. 

The survey takes place between 1st April and 30th June of each year and requires volunteers to spend some time observing a chosen site (eg their garden or allotment) throughout the survey period. 

The survey has been running for a decade recording sightings and signs of mammals in urban green spaces. Over two thousand people have been involved since the survey began and have recorded at around 2,500 separate sites, including over 400 people who have taken part for five or more years 

Hedgehogs are one of the species commonly recorded. This has been one of the most important ways of providing an indication of how the urban hedgehog population is faring. 

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Feeding hedgehogs by Hedgehog Champion Sheila Wright from North Yorkshire

Mammals on Roads (MoR)

The Mammals on Roads survey, also run by PTES, is a nationwide survey of mammal sightings along single-carriageways that takes place from 1st July-30th September.

To date, over half a million kilometres of road have been surveyed, and changes in counts of species such as hedgehogs, foxes and badgers have been tracked over time. Findings from the survey have already alerted us to the drastic decline in hedgehogs and were the impetus for our hedgehog projects and surveys.

You can take part by downloading a free app to your iPhone or android smartphone, online, or by downloading or requesting a survey pack.

Click here for more information about how you can take part…

Mammals on Roads App

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