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Remember remember, hedgehogs in November

19th October 2023

Bonfire night is on its way, and many hedgehogs are injured and even killed each year. A pile of logs looks like the perfect place to curl up to sleep, and a hedgehog’s fear response is to curl into a ball, so once the fire starts they may not run away. This is especially true if they have already gone into hibernation.

Photo by Christopher Morgan and AI

Luckily there are things we can do to help hedgehogs at this time of year.

Think about whether a bonfire is even necessary at all. These days there are many alternatives such as raised fire pits.

Bonfires should only be built on the day of burning. If this isn’t possible then moving them and rebuilding them on the day should flush out any resident ‘hogs.

Large/commercial bonfires should have a hedgehog-proof fence put around them until lighting.

Finally, light the bonfire from one side only, so that any animals have a chance to escape.

We have produced a flyer which you can share with event organisers, family, friends and neighbours, to ensure that hedgehogs have a safe bonfire night. You can share our guidance on social media with the hashtag #RememberHedgehogs to spread the message far and wide.

Thanks for helping hedgehogs!