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Slug pellets

It’s a complex topic, but in general any chemical treatment that kills slugs, snails or insects will be bad for hedgehogs and should be avoided.

The jury is still out on the effects that slug pellets have on hedgehogs. Metaldehyde is the active ingredient in most commercial slug pellets. Research shows that the amount a hedgehog would need to consume to be lethal would be a very large amount. This could be either directly from eating slug pellets or poisoned slugs. Fortunately, there have been a few cases of dead hedgehogs found to have had very high levels of metaldehyde in their system. Research on rats has revealed that slug pellets might affect their reproductive ability. Whilst they might not kill hedgehogs, this has a negative effect on their population.

Less hedgehog food = fewer hedgehogs.

All things considered, to be truely hedgehog-friendly you need to stop using slug pellets or pesticides

Some alternative ideas to stop those slugs eating your prize marrows… 

slug pellets

Register today and start telling your neighbours why their chemicals may be harming the hedgehogs.