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The missing link…

5th February 2020

Have you linked up your gardens yet? Now’s the perfect time to connect up your gardens in time for spring for when ‘hogs begin to wake up from hibernation. You can do this by creating a hedgehog highway!

Photo by Denise Quinlan

Whilst hedgehogs might be able to get into your garden already via gaps through or under garden fences, if they’re not big enough some larger ‘hogs might not be able to pass through or may even get stuck!

We recommend creating a 13 X 13cm hole. This is large enough to accommodate the larger ‘hogs whilst being too small for most pets to escape.

Photo by Sean Hill

Putting up a Hedgehog Highway sign can help people understand what the hole is so that it doesn’t get blocked up. You can buy them from the BHPS shop and PTES shop. Remember to ask your neighbour first before creating a hole- you can see if they’d like a sign for their side too!

Hedgehogs need gardens to be well connected as they travel 1-2km a night (sometimes up to 3km!) in order to find enough natural food as well as mates.

Help a hedgehog today and create a highway!