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Think Hedgehog around Bonfire Night!

2nd November 2012

Bonfires are central to our remembrance of Guy Fawkes and his failed schemes. Unfortunately, any pile of wood and refuse is an attractive prospect for a hedgehog looking for somewhere dry to see out the winter.

Safety first!

1)      Wait until the last minute before building your pyre. That won’t give any beasts the opportunity of claiming it as a den. You could pile the material next to the fire-site and then rope in a few hands to re-build the stack in the hours before lighting.

2)      Check the structure thoroughly before setting it alight. This may be difficult with larger constructions. You may find a sleepy ‘hog so have somewhere safe lined up for relocations (e.g. under a dense bush in a garden or a hibernacula).

3)      If you have to build your bonfire in advance, encircle the structure with a vertical perimeter fence of chicken wire to ensure it remains hedgehog free during the days prior to lighting.

If you are on twitter please help to spread the word by using #rememberhedgehogs in your tweets.