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Wildlife gardening for beginners: Part 3

29th April 2020

Welcome back to our guide to wildlife gardening for beginners. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the other pages too:

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Your garden can have food and habitat galore, but a hedgehog needs to be able to access it to benefit from these things. If there’s no natural access, a Hedgehog Highway is really important.

Installing a hedgehog house is a great way to encourage hedgehogs and give them a safe place to nest. You can buy houses online or even build one yourself. You can find plenty of inspiration on our advice page as well as the Hedgehog Street gallery.

If you decide to leave food out for hedgehogs, a feeding station will ensure cats can’t steal the food. Meaty cat or dog food and a shallow dish of water are perfect for hedgehogs!

Photo by Jane Cooke