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It’s World Wildlife Day!

3rd March 2020

Help hedgehogs and other wildlife in your garden…

It’s UN World Wildlife Day, so why not take action in your garden to help not only hedgehogs but our other wonderful UK wildlife?

Photo by Hedgehog Champion David Cooper

Sadly it’s not just hedgehogs that are declining in the UK; many other species are struggling too. Luckily, most hedgehog-friendly garden features will also benefit other UK wildlife as well! So what are you waiting for?

Wildlife gardening

It’s the perfect time to start planning your spring gardening. In terms of what to plant, the more variety the better! A wildflower patch will not only look nice, but attract invertebrate prey for a whole host of wildlife species including birds and bats. Pollinators such as bees, moths and butterflies will also benefit from native wildflowers. UK grown fruit trees, as well as hawthorn and hazel will all encourage insects as well.

Photo By Hedgehog Champion Joanne Nituan-Iver

Garden features

Installing hedgehog-friendly features like log piles, compost heaps and leaf piles will also help invertebrates, birds, bats, frogs and lots of other wildlife.

Photo by Hedgehog Champion Alison Daykin

Hedgehog Highways

Hedgehog Highways allow hedgehogs to move easily through urban and suburban areas, but can also benefit other species. Frogs, toads and other small amphibians can also use Hedgehog Highways to travel between gardens.

All you need to do is create a small passage through or under your garden fence or boundary. 13cm x 13cm will do. More info HERE.

Photo by Hedgehog Champion Iain Green


A pond will provide a year-round water source for hedgehogs and other animals to drink from. The moisture will also attract natural invertebrate hedgehog food – added bonus! Wildlife ponds of course will also make a fantastic home for frogs and toads.

Ensure your pond has a sloping edge or a ramp for hedgehogs to get out. Hedgehogs can swim well but need an escape route from any water body.

Photo by Hedgehog Champion Jean Nichols

Find out more about how to help wildlife in your garden HERE.