C.o.u.n.t.down to Hedgehog Hibernation

9 October 2012

It's Action Stations for Britain's hedgehogs at this time of year as they get ready to hibernate - here's what you can do to help...

1.)    Keep putting food out to help recovering mothers and underweight yearlings fatten up – try unsalted peanuts and sunflower heats to feed both birds and your pricklies

2.)    Be careful what you tidy up – leave log piles, weedy corners and compost heaps and check anywhere you plan to strim beforehand.

3.)    Don’t leave your garage doors open – you may end up trapping local hedgehogs inside

4.)    Create a hibernation site by building a hedgehog house or stuffing leaves into a hollow beneath a logpile or under the shed.

5.)    Plant an apple tree – one of the best trees to attract insects into the gardens for ‘hogs and fantastic for wildlife in general.

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