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Archive for the ‘News’ Category

Research: Smart hedgehog houses

11th May 2021

A research project is underway in Gloucestershire aiming to track hedgehogs which have been released after rehabilitation. Hedgehog Republic is […]

Driving hedgehogs to extinction

22nd January 2020

A research study investigating hedgehog mortality risks on British roads. Driving along country roads, it’s clear to see that traffic […]

Hedgehogs on camera

30th April 2019

Have you captured a hedgehog on film? Send us your photos and videos! If you have regular spiny visitors to […]

Your hedgehogs need you

24th April 2019

Spring is here, and hedgehogs are exploring your gardens. Now is a perfect time to step up help and support […]

Can we keep hedgehogs as pets?

12th October 2018

Scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, it doesn’t take long to come across a video of a hedgehog wrapped up in […]

We need YOUR help!

1st August 2018

Our champions are great at reaching out to neighbours, friends and relatives to get more people interested in helping hedgehogs. […]