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We work with many local and national developers to ensure that new-build sites are hedgehog friendly. There are various ways to ensure that local hedgehog populations are safeguarded before, during and after the build, as outlined in our hedgehogs and development leaflet. We can provide you with hard copies of this leaflet, as well as our top tips guide for new homeowners.

The main way to help hedgehogs on a new-build site is by installing hedgehog highways; small 13cm square gaps in fences to allow hedgehogs access. This action is now a recommendation in the National Planning Policy Framework, and a petition with over one million signatures demonstrates the support and popularity for hedgehogs and highways. We can then supply discounted hedgehog highway signs to give to your householders. We can also provide advice on hedgehog friendly fencing options.

Photo: Joanne Davenport

Thinking about creating a hedgehog-friendly development? Contact us via

Concerned that a development will affect local hedgehog populations? Have a look at our advice.

What have other developers done?

The Vistry Group, including Bovis, pledged to install hedgehogs highways on new-build sites. They have also worked to raise awareness of hedgehogs in local communities as well as within the company itself, with competitions and events for staff and families.

In 2021 we partnered with Taylor Wimpey as part of their new Environment Strategy.

Barratt and David Wilson Homes have worked with the RSPB and Hedgehog Street to create hedgehog and wildlife friendly new-build sites.

Photo by Tom Hanner