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My hedgehogs are visiting a lot earlier now – earliest not long after 7pm a couple of nights ago, and my camera picks up a hedgehog that comes back to my garden at around 6am, last saturday, she came back about 7.15am – which is just before sunrise.

And they are eating a lot more, – everything thing I put in their bowls get eaten, completely clean bowls, and everything that spills onto the floor also gets eaten, it’s been like this for about a week.

Also there is a hedgehog that’s chosen to hibernate in my hedgehog house, and has been in there for about two weeks now.

On colder nights, I leave a handful of straw in her tunnel, and the following night she brings it into her nest. Also I noticed some shredded newspaper, which I lined the floor with (but I didn’t shred,) so, she’s obviously been very
busy getting it just right.

At the moment, she’s my most frequent visitor, and eating most of the food. I asked a lecturer from a local wildlife college about it, and he thought she might be pregnant – I hope not, as the hoglets won’t have much chance of survival. (wierdly she doesn’t like wet dog food, but loves the spikes and webbox hedgehog food).

I haven’t seen any sign of Huffy since he got biffed by Klepto, nor have I seen Klepto. But it might be because they are male and perhaps have already started hibernating.

The fox is a regular visitor again, he comes every night. It concerns me greatly, but there’s not a lot I can do. I have sought advise from vets, from the wildlife college, from Pets at Home, but everyone just says the same, in that I can’t change the situation. No-one recommended putting fox deterrents down, apart from Pets at Home, so I’ll just leave it as unfortunately.