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Hi Nikstar

Hedgehogs don’t actually have territories, so are not territorial in that way. They have ranges and the ranges of different hedgehogs overlap. But male hogs will behave aggressively to other male hogs if they are in their personal space i.e. too close to them. So a more dominant hog will be quite likely to biff a less dominant one if they meet.

I’m not sure about in hog boxes, but imagine if a dominant hog came home to his then current hog house and found a less dominant one there he might have something to say about that! Although, in reality if a hog is already rolled up in a box, there may not be much another hog entering could do about it and the second hog would likely have to go out again to allow the one already in residence to leave. (in my boxes, anyway, as the entrance tunnels are reduced in size to stop cats getting in). On the other hand I have had two male hogs in the same hog box before now – for successive nights, so not just a one off.

But a hog may be able to tell from scent that another hog has recently been in residence and if there is a choice of locations to bed down for the day, may choose not to use that nest. Sharing of nests (or having alternating hogs being ‘tenant’s of nests) would not seem a good idea from the perspective of passing on parasites. In the wild a hog would not normally re-use a nest (i.e. hibernation nest), which is why it’s necessary to clean out hog houses if we want them to be used again. Although it’s possible that might be, to some extent, determined by possible alternative suitable locations and on individual hogs’ previous life experiences.

There are always new things to learn about hogs and their behaviour may adapt to circumstances.