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Hi Ian

If Peanut can’t tell whether it’s day or night, she is likely to be, in part, influenced by when the food is available. That could especially be the case if she has recently been at a rescue centre where she may have been fed during the day. If I were you, I would try to acclimatise her to feeding at night. You may need to do that gradually.

If you were feeding at night, especially if inside a feeding box, you will be less likely to attract flies to the food unless there was some left over into daylight. But you could adjust that so that there is no, or minimal food left over which could be disposed of. But make sure the area is kept clean of spilt food, hog poos, etc.

I would be inclined not to use hanging things over the doorway, although that is not to say that Peanut would necessarily mind that – it might be a matter of trial and error. But, when I had a blind hog visiting here, I always tried not to make any significant changes which might confuse her. But once you are feeding at night it shouldn’t be necesary for that sort of deterrant.

The little hog here, did well, by the way, although she is no longer with us. She used to trot around seemingly like any other hedgehog. She didn’t live in my garden, but made her way here almost every night. Hedgehogs don’t have very good eyesight, in general, and rely heavily on their sense of smell and their hearing.

Regarding the leaves. Peanut may have been planning some interior decorations in the hog house and dropped them one the way in. Leaves are favourite materials for hogs to build nests in the wild.

I hope you manage to get Peanut into a more hedgehog suitable regime. Good luck and happy hog watching!