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1 Hedgehog back.

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    After 8 months of being lacking in any known hedgehogs in the garden I bumped into one a few days ago, around 23:00. I always have a dish of water whenever for anything that wants it but seen her on two nights now in the garden and on the patio so introduced some food tonight. After the g/f and the dog scared it away by accident around 22:00 she returned at 23:00 and scoffed the lot, hoping it becomes a regular thing now.
    Last year we had 3 coming regularly but the boldest one was killed on the road and it seems she was the one who brought the others and they simply dissappeared not to be seen again. This one is an adult female, possibly the youngster that used to come but who knows. I am just pleased to have one back in the garden

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    Hi Chico_W

    That’s great news that you have a hog back again! Hopefully if one has visited again, others will eventually, too. If this one is an adult female, fingers crossed some hoglets might materialise later on.

    Good luck and happy hog watching!


    Reckon it is a female, 3 nights now she has been to feed then disappeared back to the garden, gave her 30 minutes and has a wander around and she was down the bottom mooching around. Very nice watching her eating on the patio and searching in and around my hostas. Very nice that she has turned up and we have a hedgy after the others disappeared. I know it doesn’t matter but she is a pretty one too.

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    Hi Chico_W

    That would be great if it’s a female! I seem to get more males around here, recently. Although ironically I often find there are males who are prettier than the females, which doesn’t seem fair. But they’re all beautiful, of course!


    She has visited every night, she used to spend time under the birdfeeders picking up seed but now comes directly to the food then disappears down the garden again. Only twice she has been late, perhaps an hour after her normal 10:00, saying that the last 3 nights 21:30 on the dot. Very happy to have one back but really hoping she brings more now, we shall see.


    Yesterday very late, but the food was gone in the morning. Tonight 21:45, ate the lot. 10:50 went to lock the garage side door and TWO! The usual one and a slightly smaller one, not as pretty, but two. They were a bit grumbly with each other but I went and grabbed some extra food, my normal girl had disappeared into the garden but the other ate some then went around my little rotting woodpile.Very pleased.

    Edit. I wonder if the grumbling was actually “Huffing”, if it was I wonder if my girl is actually a male, certainly bigger.


    Hate to bang on, but watching them from an upstairs window less then an hour later, they are very much in each others company, one might wander off a few yards but then straight back. The extra food went. Cilla might have to buy a hat.

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    Hi Chico_W

    It’s lovely that you’re enjoying watching the hogs’ visits. One of them could be a female. The male normally circles the female and she turns round while she huffs – so that she keeps facing him. The courtship ‘dance’ may also include a bit of reversing by the female. Male or female may just get fed up with the procedure and wander off, but one may try to re-engage the other one’s interest. The circling can go on for hours! It’s a wonder they ever manage to have hoglets at all!

    But, fingers crossed they are a male and female and that some hoglets eventually materialise!


    She seems to have left now, no more sighting and he continues to visit every night.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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