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3 or more Hogs

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    We have 3 or more come in our garden every nite for food and water, and a little nap 🦔🦔🦔


    Last year the biggest head count was 13 on one night, but we were feeding
    Mealworms…..a big mistake.
    This year, 40 % calciworms mixed with a blend of mealworms (3%) cat food(10%) And the remainder being a mix of various recommended specialised hedgehog food.
    Started off slowly but now the average is 15 per night, that’s what we count under the security lights prior to bed.
    Given the amount of hedgie droppings on our lawns this is just a fragment of the actual visitations.
    Tonight it’s bad news for slugs, haven’t seen many up to now but with the rain and humidity they are out in vast numbers tonight…feeding on hedgie food..the hedgies coming for their usual supper are getting a ‘double delight’
    Though the chewing and slurping sounds might put the faint hearted off😁

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    Hi Coley

    Don’t forget that some hogs will visit several times a night, so your total may not be what you think it is. Some hogs just poo a lot, especially if there are other hogs around! It’s best to cut out the mealworms completely. Partly because if everyone was feeding some mealworms certain hogs could go around picking out the mealworms – as well as what they potentially pick up from under bird feeders.

    Personally, I wouldn’t feed as much as 40% calci-worms either. The jury is still out on them, for me – there simply isn’t enough information about them yet, so I would keep them to a garnish on other food. There is some evidence that if fed with a rubbish diet (literally) calci-worms have lower amounts of calcium in relation to phosphorous, so it’s worth checking that on the ones you are buying. The risk is that people will try to find cheaper ways of producing them and in the process making them have less calcium.

    Re. the slugs. Hogs don’t normally eat the big ones which come to eat the hog food. The good news is apparently those ones are actually good at breaking down dead plant material and it’s the small ones that do most damage to plants.

    Good luck with the hogs – happy hog watching.

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    Hi Carol2456

    Good news that you have hogs visiting there. I’m glad to hear you are providing them with water too. Sometimes they can find food in the wild, but it isn’t so easy to find water.

    I hope you continue to enjoy the hogs’ visits. Good luck and happy hog watching!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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