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300g Hedgehog Found

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    Went out around 45 mins ago to replenish feeding station, it hasn’t been used much for around a week so I wasn’t that hopeful but there was a small hedgehog who looked unwell. Went and got some gloves and scales to weigh, little guy (I’m assuming) weighs spot on 300g. No obvious ticks, was a bit worried as he was lying and didn’t ball up when picked up until I tried to look at his face. I have popped him in an outdoor shelter with water, wet food and a mix of biscuits etc to see if he perks up. He is now trying to escape but hasn’t eaten anything.

    I’m now wondering if I should just let him go as he wasn’t out during the day but his weight is worryingly low for this time of year, in my opinion……..

    Any thoughts guys? I work at a vets and can take him in tomorrow for a vet exam. I’m just worried that I am being dramatic.

    Thanks x

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    Hi newcastlehogs

    I would keep the little chap inside and try to get some advice from a local carer. You should be able to get a number from BHPS on 01584 890801. 300g does sound small, but they will best be able to advise in relation to local conditions etc. I would also be a bit worried about him not trying to roll up. I think maybe they can’t do it quite as well when they are very small, but I would have thought he would try.

    Good luck.


    Hi, you need to get help for it. The fact it didn’t ball up is not a good sign as it should have. Please don’t delay



    Vet check all clear, no parasites under scope. Balling up when first found but quite a pathetic attempt. Balling up better now that it is warm, trying hard to escape also. Eating but unfortunately not enough in my opinion, new batch of Ark food arriving tomorrow so hopefully that will help.

    Vet estimates 6-7 weeks old, no other small hogs seen in the garden just big bruisers. Been in contact with local rescue also.

    Currently have him inside with a snuggle heat disc and made a “nest” with shredded paper, kitchen roll and an old fleece hat all inside of a pillowcase.

    Various foods ranging from Pedigree wet to Purina dry, any other ideas???



    No hog that comes into our garden has ever turned its nose up at Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat dry biscuit. The biscuits are quite small, so ideal for small hogs, good for the teeth and packed with nutrients. We also feed Royal Canin 2nd age Kitten dry food, which again the hogs never refuse and that too is very good quality food. A mix of the two is all we feed. At the height of the season we are lucky enough to see 8 hogs or more (currently down to 4) so the food is definitely popular!

    Hope your little one does okay, it’s lovely that you are caring for him so well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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