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A big bad fox?

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings A big bad fox?

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    We have been feeding a hedgehog nightly since the autumn. He was very small then but he survived the winter and had grown really well. He had also made use of the hedgehog house for sleeping. About 2 weeks ago we found the feeding place wrecked and the ceramic feeding bowl missing. We have now found the bowl in the hedge at the bottom of the garden (quite a distance). The night after the bowl went missing we saw a large fox in the garden eating the food we had put in another bowl – we had never seen one here before. He was in the garden the next night too. We have now not seen our hedgehog since the bowl incident which is really sad. The hedgehog house is empty. Would the fox have killed our hog?

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    Hi Linire

    Sorry to hear the hog has disappeared. I know it’s very distressing when a favourite hog disappears. I keep telling myself not to get too attached to individual wild hedgehogs, but sometimes it just can’t be helped.

    It’s possible that the fox killed it, but not necessarily the case. Some foxes seem to leave hogs alone, but others will kill them and, being predators, none of them can really be trusted around hogs.

    It may be that the hog got a fright and decided it was time to move somewhere else. They do tend to move nests from time to time, anyway, not least to avoid a build up of ticks, fleas, etc. But it also may be more warily approaching, i.e. staying under the cover of bushes, etc.

    You say the fox was back the next night, but has it been back since? I’m assuming you have cameras to be sure the hog isn’t visiting? Although cameras cannot be totally relied on to prove a hog was not there.

    In case the hog or another one comes back, you might like to make a fox proof feeding area, so that any hogs which might turn up can eat in peace. They are likely to be more vulnerable when eating. If it’s placed near to cover they are more likely to be able to escape. Also a fox is less likely to visit if it can’t get access to any food.

    Good luck.


    Can anybody tell me what the demand is for hedgehog shelters?


    How long does it take before you would find a hedgehog in your shelter and how long do they use it for?


    Can anybody tell me about the key features of a hedgehog house?


    Thank you Nic for replying. We have not seen the fox since but have noticed that the “hedgehog” gap in the fence has been made much larger by something digging out the soil – now an easy escape for a fox maybe!
    Today we found a really small hedgehog on our front lawn near the road. He was very docile and possibly sleepy or poorly. We thought maybe the warm weather had wakened him. I took him inside and settled him in a box with a towel, some hay and some food and water. I phoned BHPS who gave me a rescue contact number and the hedgehog was collected quickly. I was so pleased and hope the little hog makes it.

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    Hi Schoie

    There is some information about hedgehog houses here:

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    Hi Linire

    Is there any chance that you can fill the hole in to make it just hog sized again? It will need to be with something fairly substantial to deter a fox from digging it out again.

    Well done for rescuing the little one. It was really lucky that you were there and saw it. Fingers crossed that it survives and that you can get it back for re-release. Let us know if you hear any news.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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