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A minor victory….. for now

Home Forums Hedgehog tales A minor victory….. for now

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    At dusk last night I went outside to pollute the atmosphere and got that uncanny feeling of being watched. Scanning the borders I spotted a face sticking out of the acuba looking at me and so began this years first full blown staring contest with one of the tenants of Hedgehog Close in the corner (a delightful development of two luxury hedgehog bungalows set in the rolling beauty of a Northants 1990’s housing estate).

    For the first staring contest of the year they’re not convinced who I am at all and havn’t yet made the link between me, food and bungalows so they can be rather drawn out affairs. My patio visits normally take about 5 minutes and this contest very nearly went the distance as this giant of a hedgehog (name to be decided) stood his ground desperately trying to look menacing in a hoggy kind of way. After 4 minutes he threw in the towel and exited through Highway 3.

    So, 1-0 to me in the early part of the season but with months to go I’m not complacent. They will fight back and who knows what they’ve got in store for me this year?


    And sure enough they go their own back! Naughty, naughty bad hogs!

    They’ve got two new games just to thoroughly annoy me. Having done my spring planting and carefully labelling the plants the naughty hedgehogs decided to dig up and scatter a load of the labels. Pure devilment.

    Also, I grow grass in seed trays for patching the lawn. One of the little horrors decided it’d be fun to climb into one of the trays and dig up a load of the new grass. Words fail me.

    This is clearly a new radical movement “Hedgehogs against Gardening”. I suppose they still expect me to clean their houses out and top up their food after such naughtiness? Despicable behaviour!


    William, are you sure it’s not the blackbirds? We have a particularly militant bunch around at the moment and for some reason they have it in for my sempervivums. I have now given up trying to salvage the houseleeks, replanting them is futile, I just awake the following morning to find them strewn across the patio once again. What these poor succulents have ever done to deserve such persecution I cannot imagine!


    Naughty hedgehogs but what great fun for them!!!


    I would blame the blackbirds if it wasn’t for the strategically placed visiting cards in the vicinity of the garden terrorism. As news reports say “It bore all the hallmarks of the Hedgehogs Against Gardening terrorist group”.

    So, just to annoy me further, the winter tenant of Hedgehog Close vacated his property this week and left it in a right state for me to clean out. He’d been subletting parts of his bungalow to homeless spiders and had somehow acquired an earthmover to shift masses of soil in there which is a right pain to remove. On the plus side, he’s a discerning shopper this hog as he’d used a small Waitrose plastic bag as a roof for his nest. I’d be disappointed if I’d found an Asda bag.

    Right, 8am so time to go and find out what they did last night.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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