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    Hi, I’m new to this forum, hope somebody can help.
    For the past year I have been feeding tinned chicken dog food and Spikes dry food to at least 3 hedgehogs one is resident in hoghouse in corner of garden but there has been no visits for the past four nights, any ideas why this could be.


    I’m new to this too – but maybe they are getting enough food from ‘natural’ sources? Worms, beetles etc whilst the weather is generally warm and damp? Maybe your boys are off hunting a female? Hopefully they reappear. Is the food being taken, some of it, none of it? My hogs can come and go – taking all the food but still missing the camera! Is your resident a female with babies – sooooo jealous if she is! Maybe she is busy with tiny ones?
    Good luck.


    I dont think the drop off in eating or food being taken is too much to worry about – seems to be a fairly common theme at this time of the year and once the post hibernation weight has been put back on – they seem to become more comfortable and less food orientated and more natural resources to use. there is also the added distraction of breeding season which takes a priority for most males who I expect can think of little else other than finding a female or biffing each other over winning one. Water is still necessary though – so plenty of dishes offering that is always welcome even if they dont stop for the food – and water can simply be left out in the open of course for any and all to take, which makes it easier to spot them partaking!


    Resident must have been away on holiday, I set a small stick at hog house entrance two days ago and IR cameras recorded hedgehog at feeder then moving stick and going into house at 2:00am this morning.


    That’s good news, Dave! You never know, maybe it is a female with babies and has been laying low for a bit. Let us know if any hoglets appear!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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