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Advice – Cat deterrent thats Hedgehog friendly

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    Have put bark down to deter cats from using my flower bed as a loo .Unfortunately they are still digging in it, have read citrus , eucalyptus oil spray might help but don’t want to harm my hogs

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    Hi 1peanutbutter

    I know the feeling. Other people’s cat’s poo is so annoying! As well as disgusting if you don’t notice it until too late! I, too, would not want to use any of those strong smelling things, because of the hogs. They rely so much on their sense of smell that it must be really horrid for them and I would be worried that it might put them off visiting.

    What I used to do is put loads of small sticks in the ground so that they stick up for several inches – dotted around. You can use the stalks from stronger herbaceous plants, or pruning sticks from shrubs. This makes it uncomfortable for the cats as they have to pick their way between them, but the hogs seem able to negotiate them easily. You need to push them in far enough that the cats can’t easily dig them up. It makes it more difficult for them, so hopefully they will use someone else’s garden instead. As the year goes on, it becomes less of a problem as the ground begins to be covered with plants. And that is the other suggestion – just don’t leave too much bare earth. I think cats prefer digging in dry soil so bare earth is likely to dry out more quickly.

    Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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