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Advice Needed Please

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    I am very lucky I have several hedgehogs visiting the garden every night, I rarely look out during the night and don’t see a visitor somewhere. They range from some very large ones down to a hoglet that has been for the last two nights. I am hoping he/she still has time to put on enough weight to hibernate safely if not I will get the local wildlife charity involved later on.

    I purchased two hedgehog houses, have treated the outsides of them but they still let in water which I guess is through the roof which is loose fitting. I now have one hedgehog using one of them every night but I am worried about water getting in.

    I have a plastic lidded storage box that I keep my cushions in over the summer and wonder if I could get my son to cut two holes in the front and put a joining tunnel between the outside of the box and the hedgehog houses if I put the houses inside the storage box. It would keep them dry and prevent predators getting into them through the tops of the houses.

    My garden is a tidy garden which is hard to have a wild area in. We are going to re do the borders over the winter so we can have some dense planting which will hopefully create a better environment next year but for now I’m doing the best I can to help the hedgehogs that are coming in.

    Am I doing the right thing, advice please?


    Yes that’s fine. Alternatively you could put lots of branches etc on it. If it’s not suitable for the hog they will move out so don’t worry too much. Also if you have a hog in residence try not to disturb


    Hedgehogs need plentiful food and water but they also need nesting sites. Hedgehogs in gardens may nest under rocks, vegetation, and even inside an abandoned shed. They seek privacy and security, a place to safely sleep and perform an important ritual, anointing. Good spaces in the garden are wild spaces, compost piles, and log piles.
    Most nests are built with old leaves, moss, and other plant material. You can make a simple hedgehog nest in just a few minutes. Simply cut two air vents in the side of a cardboard box, along with a small entrance. Place clean, dry grass and leaves inside the box and close it. Position the opening to the south and place plastic or a tarp over the structure, disguising it with pine needles, leaves, and other debris. It’s always a great pleasure watching hedgehogs in your garden and capturing them on your camera. The Hedgehog Camera Kit is perfect for observing and recording hedgehogs in your back garden.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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