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    For the first time in months, opened the garage tonight to find a chunky hedgehog under some old tarpaulin.
    I assume it must have been in there since last year, as the garage is secure and nobody else has opened it.
    Our garden is secure, so absolutely no idea how its ended up in there and need to investigate tomorrow as to whether there is more than one.
    Have left some water and cat food for it overnight but at a loss as to what to do next? Grateful for any advice?


    Cat Food has been eaten but can no longer locate the hog. Assume is buried away in corner in amongst the clutter.
    Slightly worried about simply putting it out in Garden as we live in an urban area.
    Is it ok to simply move it to a more rural location?


    I am not really sure about this…….Is the garage brick? Any small holes at all that it could be entering through?
    I would not relocate it to a rural area yet. It’s important that hogs stay near to where they are found. If you can keep putting food and fresh water for now.
    Call the BHPS on 01584 890801 and see what they say. They will put you in touch with a local carer.
    The hoggie should be sleeping in the day and active at night. There could also be a possibility of young so advice needed
    Sorry I can’t give you better answers.
    Please let us know what happens

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    Hi CheshireCat13

    Yes, a good idea to contact BHPS. But hogs should not be relocated to a rural area. The hogs that live in urban/suburban areas are specialists at living in that sort of area and would probably be totally lost in the country. Hogs also become very familiar with their ranges – know the best places to find food, water, nesting sites, etc.

    Added to which hogs in the countryside are not doing as well as their town cousins.

    Hogs are surprisingly good climbers, any chance it could have got into your garden that way?


    Thanks, will give them a call.
    Garage is brick and no way in other than through door.
    It seems a good size and is surprisingly nimble.
    Have managed to tempt it out of garage tonight with a small bowl of cat food.
    Plenty of shelter in garden but not sure how will get out as 6ft fences on all sides!


    Well, that didnt last long!
    Have found this morning exactly where Hedgehog has exited the garden!!

    Around the gate post is a gravel bed. This morning the gravel has been excavated on to the path and a hog-sized tunnel now exists…..😂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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