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Another one eyed hedgehog…….

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Another one eyed hedgehog…….

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    Having got back from holiday, the trail cams went straight out. My lovely friend did a great job at keeping the hedgehogs fed and more importantly watered while we were away………and it was with great anticipation that I watched the footage this morning, hoping that the beautiful Cyclopsina might have hoglets in tow or even fully weaned hoglets out on their own. Alas no hoglets as yet.
    Cyclopsina is still visiting………and another one eyed hedgehog has appeared. A little boy we have named CREM (cyclops right eye missing). The trail cam shows he met Cyclopsina. What a pair!
    Looking forward to see if he turns up tonight.

    While we were away I was asked if we could do a release of a hedgehog who had an eye removed. I had to say no as we weren’t here. I am waiting to hear if he was released nearby to see if it is the same boy.

    Missed my little spikey friends when I was away

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    Hi Simbo65

    Glad to hear everything worked out well for the hogs whilst you were away. Sorry to hear no hoglets, but at least Cyclopsina is still visiting. It would be a bit of a coincidence if CREM isn’t the one who was released. Have you found out yet?


    Morning Nic
    No, I haven’t heard and don’t want to pester as I am sure they are very busy with hoglets and the heat.
    He doesn’t come every night but honoured us with his presence last night. It looks as if he still may have the eye but be blind. Otherwise looking pretty good.
    My other half is having an interview at the wildlife place on Monday to do some volunteer work. Hope he passes as hopefully he will get some more hedgehog knowledge.
    Has Siili come home yet?

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    Hi simbo65

    No Siili still not home. I must ring up again. Like you, don’t like to pester too much, as they are always so busy. But I, too, had a different hog turn up – seems to be a male but not 100% sure yet – but the poor thing has been outrageously marked. Quite small but not a this year’s hoglet, I don’t think, unless it was really early.

    Glad to hear the ‘new’ hog is still visiting. Good for your other half – that’s brilliant. I’m sure they will welcome him with open arms!


    Do you think the rescues might be marking?
    There was a posting about how bone fide they all are and maybe they think this is a good way to keep track of them
    It is a shame. I think 2 that visit here may have been marked- Jack-who seems to have a fair strip but not sure if that is just an area of his spines and Splodge- He is a very rare visitor. He turned up a few times last year and I was so alarmed by the camera footage as I thought he was covered in blood, even though it was grey. He has been back a couple of times before we went away with the same markings so obviously doing OK.
    I just take it all very personally, that I am doing all I can to help and then someone comes along and jeopardises their natural ability for survival especially with everything else they have to contend with- OK, have stepped down from my soap box….for now.
    Hope little Siili is home soon.

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    Hi simbo65

    I think it’s possible some rescues might mark, but hopefully if they do they would be doing it responsibly – i.e. on only a very few spines with water based substance, ensuring that it didn’t reach the skin or cause the spines to be stuck together. (i.e. pretty much what BHPS say, if anyone feels they have to mark hogs)

    Sadly, most of the marked ones I see do not follow that and some hogs look as if they may even have been marked by more than one person. Some certainly have different coloured markings on them and usually look a complete mess. But sometimes multiple spots all over the hog and once I had one where more than half of it’s spines were covered in something. Friday and Saturday nights seem to be the worst danger time. But if people stuck to the guidelines from BHPS it wouldn’t be quite so bad, although I think more often than not it is completely unnecessary anyway.

    As well as potential problems from the smell of any substance, etc., it can have other health implications for the hogs. i.e. it could cover up skin problems, or even injuries, which might be mistaken for blobbing if that is common in the area.

    Sad that some people have so little respect for wildlife.


    Yes, very sad but I try not to get despondent and just hope that those that do care outweigh those that don’t.
    I am getting quite a bit of footage of CREM coming to visit. It seems he has his eye but maybe is blind. I am tempted to see if we can catch him and take to the vet but he eats, drinks and runs around so I am feeling it’s best to leave him alone. It’s a fine line in wanting to help and letting nature do it’s thing.
    I had a very excited text from a lady who lives 5 doors away to say she had seen 2 hoglets with mummy. She said they were very small about 10 cms, so hoping mummy is showing them the ropes rather than they have been disturbed. So possibly another female around or maybe it was Cyclopsina……..or maybe that’s wishful thinking on my behalf.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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