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Antibacterial marcide coating

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    I saw somebody had bought HH House from home and roost and went to have a look. They seem reasonably priced compared to the one we bought a couple of years ago.
    The house description says it has been coated in ANTOBACTERIAL MARCIDE.
    Any ideas what this is and if it’s safe for hedgehogs.
    I am sure I have read that HH houses should be made of untreated wood……

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    Hi simbo65

    I had never heard of this stuff either. Looked it up and apparently it prevents the growth of algaes etc. and is used in marine environments as well.

    I wonder whether it might be one to ask BHPS, whether it’s safe or not for hogs. Hopefully, the people who used it did their research first.


    Hi Nic,
    I will give BHPS a call tomorrow.
    The website selling them said it stops disease etc bit I sometimes think it then might cause something else.
    We have saved lots of small branches/twigs this year and will try and get creative for the hogs with that or if not let it rot down for lots of yummy insects for the hogs in Spring.
    Is Siili still OK?

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    Hi simbo65

    Either of those sounds a good plan with the twigs, etc. I have an old tea chest, falling apart, but full of old twigs, bits of wood, etc. and full of all sorts of lovely insects, spiders, etc. I just keep gently adding to the top as it sinks down.

    Siili was still here last night – the only one left – I don’t think she minds at all being in splendid isolation. She seems to be spending less time here, so may be going to hibernate this year. Time will tell. So proud of her, whatever she decides to do. What a hog!


    Hi nic and simbo65
    Please take a look at the two in one house post by rosieyvonne. I have responded and tried my best to emulate your advice regarding hoglets. But just check I haven’t missed anything important out.
    Thanks and best wishes x


    Nic / simbo65 re: my last post – should have said the post is in Hedgehog Tales.


    She is a real fighter! Well done to you and the wildlife hospital.
    Off to collect my cameras now to see what has been happening……….

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    Not sure I can take any credit! But the Wildlife Hospital did an amazing job. She could so easily not have survived. The rest is down to her.

    How are yours getting on?

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    P.S. I hadn’t read about the poor hog with the bad leg when I wrote the above, I was meaning the others. Hope the little chap does well and the others are o.k. too.


    Hi Nic,
    It’s not great here at the moment. Not sure encouraging hogs to feed/nest here is good news. There are a few dogs in this area.
    I think there is probably only one other visiting now.
    Feeling a bit deflated.
    I wish I didn’t want to help them so much and then I wouldn’t feel sooo sad.


    BHPS are looking int anti bacterial marcide. They haven’t heard of it but the lovely lady I spoke to is chasing the manufacturers for details.

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    That’s brilliant. Well done simbo65. It will be interesting to hear the results of their enquiries.

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