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Any advice is very welcome

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    Hi I have 3 hedgehogs in a box in my house from 2 nights ago.They were living under a shed in the next door neighbours garden but this house is being renovated and the new owner has demolished the shed and the mature garden. The weather in the area I live in Newtownabbey Northern Ireland has became very cold. On the advice of the USPCA I took the hogs to a local vet as the smaller of the 3 weighs 350grams the next is 450grams and the larger of the 3 is 600grams.The vet refused to assist me and advised I return all 3 to were they were first sighted. My worry is they will not survive over the hibernation period due to their current weight especially the smallest hog and with all the disruption of diggers, sledge hammers… being used on the garden next door they may come to harm if they return to cut through to adjoining Gardens to feed. I am not in a position to winter them myself especially the smallest of the hogs. Any advice is very welcome as I am relatively new to the exciting world of hedgehogs. Thank you. Patricia


    Hi Patricia- Well done on rescuing these 3 hedgehogs.
    I am not an expert but the 2 larger ones are not a bad size . The smaller one may need a bit of fattening up.
    However I can understand your concerns about the building work next door.
    I would ring BHPS on 01584 890801. I believe you will get an answer machine but hopefully one of their volunteers will get back to you.
    I would also call a local wildlife hospital and see what they say- they should also be able to put you in touch with a vet who is more sympathetic to the plight of hedgehogs and who should not charge you.
    In the meantime plenty of fresh water, cat/dog food, no meal worms please.
    Where are you keeping them?


    Good morning Patrica,
    I’m surprised your vet refused to assist you, I always thought vets had a ‘statutory duty of care to wildlife’
    But on checking it deems they don’t , ours however have always been more than helpful..which leads me to wonder, are they the exception or the norm?


    Hello Simbo65,
    Many thanks for your reply. I have them in a large box with hay and water, appropriate food in a quiet room in my home. I was very disappointed by the vets unwillingingness to assist, even advice what I should do next, I reckon this vet is the exception to the duty of care rule regarding any animal. Maybe I got him on a bad day!!! I finally heard from a rehabilator located in Northern Ireland Debbie Doolittle’s wild life as I have been trying for weeks with no luck until this morning. She has called and has took all 3 hogs as she did say the smaller of the three were too light and what I hoped she didn’t want to split them up at this stage so off to a safe and warm sanctuary they have gone, I am very surprised that there appears to be only this lady doing this vital work for all of Northern Ireland as I have not been able to find anyone other than Debbie so God bless her and all the wonderful people who dedicate their time to assisting all wildlife. The outcome for these 3 little hoggies couldn’t have been a better one. Thank you again for your advice. Best wishes. Patricia. 🐌


    Hello Coley,
    Many thanks for your reply. Yes I was very disappointed at the vets lack of interest and duty of care to any animal, I reckon he is an exception to the rule as I have taken wildlife including hedgehogs before to a vets practice and they have helped me. I had been contacting what seems to be the only rehabilitator in Northern Ireland Debbie Doolittle’s wild life which I have been so surprised about as I can’t see anyone else doing this vital work for all wildlife her in Northern Ireland. She eventually replied and has just called and has taken all 3 of the hoggies which is brilliant as I was worried she may have said the bigger of the 3 was a good weight to be released back to this location. I’m glad they have all remained a little bunch at this stage, she will suspend hibernation by keeping them in a while heated environment and feed them up until they reach good weights then let them hibernate. Best outcome. I’m sad they have left this garden but knowing that they are safe and getting cared for is brilliant. God bless people like Debbie and all volunteers who dedicate their time to wildlife. Thank you again for your advice and concern. Best wishes. Patricia 🐞


    Well said percy

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