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Anyone else got a hedgehog out and about?

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Anyone else got a hedgehog out and about?

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    I’ve had a hedgehog visiting every night for the last 2 weeks. It doesn’t look ill and it’s a decent size. This is the first year I’ve kept my cameras up in the winter which is how I know it’s out and about. I’ve been putting food and water down and I had hoped it would feed up and go back to hibernate, but it hasn’t. Just wondering if anyone else has a regular January visitor.


    Hi glad to hear you got an Hedgie back, yes i have had a young hog coming every night . First saw him Sept was only small so bought soft dog food so he could beef up a bit before hibernating, but he is sleeping in nearby house and comes out every night and watch him on my camera , so i know its the same little one , he is not so small now and he eats all the food from the bowl and he not hibernating yet .


    hello, my feeding station has remained unvisited since October, although I leave water and some dry food in it just in case. This is the earliest they have stopped visiting even though the weather through October and November was mild.

    Last winter visits stopped around mid-November and I scaled back the feeding. But in late January a large hog appeared in the garden – I rapidly put out meaty dog food, and my trailcam recorded visits to the feeder every night from then until October.


    I’ve seen mine at 4pm in my bird feeder for 10 minutes. Nor sure if he has a bad back leg? Seems to drop a the back when he walked away. Got a video will try to put it on.


    After a quite Autumn when our hogs almost disappeared altogether, I had one visiting through December. Since the last two or three weeks have had regular visits from 2-3 hogs consuming 5 bowls a night and coming in and out from at least three different hog highways (different gardens). Also have one hog that is still hibernating in one of the houses. So looking good at this early time of the year as normally not much activity until early March.


    Hi, New to the group.
    I live in Larkfield Kent and had a visiting Hedgehog late last year so installed a Hedgehog box which it soon found and made a nest. I left it totally untouched over winter and hoped it was snuggled up inside. I watch my CCTV most nights to check if it makes an appearance in the garden and last night 3rd Feb 23 it (hopefully the same one) spent a lot of time foraging in my garden.
    Sadly I also saw a rat which in years past I would have put a box out for but now am worried that the hedgehog could get in and take the bait. What are the groups thoughts.


    Hi i just saw 2 rats as well the other night, so sorry if this upsets people but i bought 2 rat traps called big cheese . It did kill them instantly so no suffering . They were eating the food and one got in my kitchen, and they chewed through all my garden lights, i put them where the hog could’nt get at it and with these traps no blocks just a Gel that is already inside . Well worth getting, sorry but had to do it .


    Have had one or two hedgehogs visit in the past couple of weeks. Not regular visits I might add. There is one hibernating in a box by the house.



    I have seen 2 Hogs now, one is my little piglet who has been sleeping in house and not hibernated at all, but saw a big Hog now with markings on its back, gladly no more rats and also had Fox visit.


    No signs in or around my feeder yet. But my sister who lives in SW Scotland has started to have visits again the last couple of nights – the first since around November. Last night her trailcam captured a lot of activity inside the feeder. Visits between 10pm and 4am. The first hog stayed inside eating and drinking for 45 minutes. A second hog (different ear shape) as well – so at least two.



    I live in Gloucester and have been putting my camera out for a few weeks on and off. I have had my first sighting of one at 3 am 15th February, It seemed to be fine, just foraging in an area where I had thrown some hog food out. My hedgehog igloo is empty, as is my box, plenty of other possible shelters in the garden for them. I will start leaving regular food near my shelters now.
    My daughter has seen one in her urban garden in Cheltenham on and off since middle of January which disappears rapidly to wherever it is sheltering for the winter.


    I still get visits, if only intermittently. I get them for two or three nights on the trot then a lull for a day or two, then off we go again.



    First hedgehog of 2023 on our camera 04:16 17/2/23 in Petersfield, Hampshire. Not seen since then, though. A friend a few streets away had one on her camera 16/2/23.


    I have just been in my garden and seen signs of a hog, there is always water down so will add some food tonight…
    I have had a box in my garden for several years but they have never nested. 🙁


    There’s very little natural food about so you’ll be a real life saver putting food out for your visitor. I leave it out year round as they can wake in the winter & need a top up so it’s always worth providing something for them – especially if they’re used to eating from your feeders as they’ll see you as a reliable source of sustenanace.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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