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Anyone know what's happened here?

Home Forums Champions’ chat Anyone know what's happened here?

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    My husband took our dog for her usual walk on the local common in Norfolk this morning and came back with a very sad photo of the body and head of a completely decapitated hog. There is no evidence that any of the local vegetation has been cut or disturbed by machinery everything looked as usual and the animal didn’t appear to have been chewed or mangled. Can anyone come with any ideas? Could it be badger? We’ve never seen evidence in this area before.
    At the moment can’t figure out how to post photos and the site in its present format is also causing me problems with logging in – but then I’m no techie. One last plea does anyone know how to change the password I’ve been given?


    Hi Carolann,

    Very sad and very strange. It must have been uncurled by what you have described, so must have trusted its attacker. Badgers normally eat them after ripping them with their claws so that sounds unlikely….A fox maybe?

    Sorry I can’t help much with the techie stuff, only that to post a photo on the forum it has to be located somewhere else on the internet such as Flickr or Twitter.

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    Hi Carolann

    That sounds really horrid. I would have thought if it was any wild animal they would have eaten it. (Although they may have been disturbed – but why didn’t they carry at least part of it away.) It doesn’t sound like a fox – I believe they wait until the hog unrolls and then attack the soft part. (sorry to be a bit graphic) I suppose it could be a domestic dog, but I wouldn’t have thought they would decapitate it. It might be worth getting it looked at by the RSPCA, in case. Although it would obviously be better if they had the actual evidence rather than a photograph.

    Re. problems logging in, changing password, etc. If you go to ‘My Hedgehog Street’ above and click on ‘Accessing the new website: troubleshooting’ it tells you how to change your password. If you want to put a photo on you can put it in the gallery, but that sometimes takes a while to appear. Otherwise, if you don’t have photos elsewhere on the internet, the only thing you can do is put a photo on as your profile pic. You can change it again quite easily and quickly. I have changed mine several times. I can understand that you may not want to put this particular photo on as a profile pic, even for a short time.


    We will try and collect the ‘evidence’ in the morning and pop over to the local RSPCA wildlife hospital to see if they have any idea what’s happened. Just in the back of my mind is the worry that there’s been some human intervention – I hope not. It isn’t an area frequented by many people.
    Thanks for the techie help think I should be able to sort out my problems now with all the advice. I’ll get back if I find out what happened.


    Sadly we too have picked up a headless young hog in our garden. We noticed it because it was being picked at by a huge seagull. No idea what has caused it as I did not have my camera outside. We do get a lot of fox cubs so suspect them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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