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Apologies if this is already a 'known' known..

Home Forums Carers / rescuing a hedgehog Apologies if this is already a 'known' known..

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    Whilst trying to catch our injured Hog recently in the shrubs in the dark of night.. ( she’s doing well, recovering in Hogpital as we speak..! ) ..I discovered, by chance, that my key ring torch is actually a UV / ‘black light’ LED torch..! Used to check banknotes etc..

    So…. whilst not particularly illuminating in terms of lighting your way with it’s dull blue glow ( & as I say, sorry if this is a familiar phenomenon ) does however, demonstrate that Hog spines / quills fluoresce a rather natty shade of pink at the lighter tips!!! ( .. the dry food I have glows a vivid shade of highlighter yellow..!! Making Hog Haus look more like a rave than a nature sanctuary..!! ) LOL!

    On a serious note, because I knew I had an injured Hog I needed to track urgently, I bought a more powerful one ( only £5 ) & the additional output meant I could spot them in the borders from a good distance & locate our injured one, otherwise invisible in amongst the shrubs.. job done!

      One word of caution to consider

    – not sure how much of a factor this is, but it’s advised not to look directly at the torch light for a prolonged period as can temporarily irritate the eyes – but my experience has been that in each instance, Hog has turned away already realising your presence.. & showing off to full effect the pink tipped highlight show!! So shouldn’t be an issue for the time it takes to locate & rescue..

    As I say, apologies if everyone knew this already – but hopefully the info is of help to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation!


    That’s a new one on me Puds, sounds brilliant. Hopefully I won’t need to do any hognapping for a while, but if I do I shall definately give it a go. 🙂


    Hi Puds
    Very interesting read and I may be in the minority but it was useful news for me!
    Im seriously hoping I’m not in a position to have to capture a hog, but useful bit of info if I do. My garden is jam packed with flowers, shrubs and trees – when the hogs are foraging in the borders, you can hear them but never see them .
    But I think having a rave going on in the boarders would help lol .
    Great to hear you managed to help your little visitor!
    Happy hog watching!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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