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Are they waking up?

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Are they waking up?

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    My hydrangea flower “door stop” has been moved!! Must get out and sort out the feeding station just in case!!


    Mine haven’t appeared for around 3 weeks now, with the straw-indicators on the 3 hog-houses and 2 feeding-stations (stocked with dried food) all in place.

    Tonight I went out to offer some scraps to the foxes and checked the straws.

    One of the feeding-station’s indicators had been triggered.

    Quickly checked the hog-houses. No, no one out.

    So I lifted the lid of the feeding-station to check if food had been taken, and there was a hog tucking into the dried cat food.

    Not one I recognised either, longer and sleeker than my usual recent visitors.

    I placed some wet cat-food in jelly in with him and left him to it.

    Then I checked the other feeding-station on the far-side of the garden.

    Again the straw had been triggered but no hog inside, but the dried cat food was all gone, so I topped that up.

    It seems that while my lot are still tucked in, others are taking advantage of the warmer weather to feed.

    I suppose I’d best set up the trail-cam and see who else is about ๐Ÿ™‚

    ps I had a rare male pheasant come into the garden yesterday, very handsome ๐Ÿ™‚


    Ooooooo!! how exciting!! its very warm – for February – here too (Essex). Looks like tomorrow I really must sort out the feeding station and set up the camera again!

    I have noticed that the garden birds seem much more active – although we don’t get pheasants into the garden as they have the whole of the adjacent nature reserve to roam in.


    Nothing on last night’s camera (apart from my cats!)

    But on checking tonight, the feeding-station that had been emptied of dried food last night had a visitor within tonight.

    On the other side of the garden to the hog I saw last night, I could see that it was a different hog, larger and fatter, without having to lift the lid.

    The straw indicators on all 3 hog-houses still remain untriggered (for now).

    (This is in Rainham, Kent).

    ps I saw one of my sparrow flock gathering nesting material today.


    Yes, my cat was the star of last nights recording!! The dried food has remained untouched but the dried banana slices have vanished! I have previously – and unintentionally – been feeding a mouse so expect this may be the culprit!

    My hydrangea flower remains in situ – it seemed very cold last night on my walk home from WI so maybe the hogs decided to stay indoors!

    We continue to wait!!

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    Hi DwarfHog

    It is a little bit early yet for hogs to be coming out of hibernation, although some of the males do return in March, so it isn’t so long and the weather has been a bit all over the place.

    Other possible alternatives are that hogs sometimes wake up during hibernation and even move nests before continuing their hibernation. Or you could have had a visit from one of the hogs who has decided not to hibernate at all this year.

    I have kept my cameras out all winter and so far only have the one who isn’t hibernating visiting. The cameras aren’t quite so good in the winter, because they sometime mist up, but usually good enough to see a hog is there.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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