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Automatic Hog Feeding

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    A question on feeding. Has anyone used an automatic feeding system for hogs using the dry food? There are several such appliances available designed mainly for cats, hamsters etc. including a battery powered one that will dispense variable amounts at intervals for up to 99 days, it would be useful when on holiday otherwise the hogs go without for that period. I keep telling my wife we should stop having holidays but she then appears upset and disagrees vehemently so lost that one! One problem is keeping it dry but it would seem to be possible to design a feeding station that might accomplish that. Any thoughts gratefully received.

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    Hi Palladium

    I do recall someone trying out an automatic feeder, but I think it didn’t work as well as hoped. But there are probably all sorts of different types available

    However, what we feed the hogs is only supplementary, so that they should be able to manage without it for short periods of time. Having said that, I know most people don’t like to think of the hogs turning up to find nothing there. Your best bet is to ask someone nearby to top up their food. The most important thing, though, is that you leave a good supply of water. Large plant saucers are ideal and the water lasts for quite a while. I always have these around the garden.

    In the long run, more important than feeding, is to make your garden as good a habitat for the hogs as you can, and link gardens, so that they have a good supply of wild food. Tips for improving your garden
    and importantly, link your garden with as many others as possible


    I have found a solution! I use a plastic storage box fitted out as a feeding station to keep it dry, with a hole cut out as recommened by a web site. I then bought three cheap (about £3) feeders intended for use for cats. They feed from a small hopper by gravity into a small feed tray and are suitable for dry food. I put Spikes Dinner dry hedgehog food into it and it seems to work reasonably well for about 3 days, I can get someone to come every 3 days but they are not keen to come every day! Lots gets taken and the hedgehog droppings inside and around and about look like there is more than one coming to it. So a modicum of succcess! I put a water saucer nearby as well. I am as well linked up as I can and have passed the Hedgehog Street information around to the neighbours with a fence hole template, but as most fences have concrete gravel boards now a short underpass dug under the fence seems to be better.

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    Hi Palladium

    Glad to hear you have found a solution. Good to know that it works, at least for a few days. Someone else was talking, recently, about hopper feeders, but I think also a water slow release system. Unfortunately, I can’t find it at the moment, but maybe they will see this. But water is very important, especially if you are feeding dry food. But maybe you can get someone to top the water up, too. If you have several water sources, at least some in the shade, it might last.

    Seems funny talking about water, with all the rain we’ve been having! But it might turn hot and dry.

    Well done linking the gardens. I’m sure the hogs will be just as happy with an underpass.

    P.S. Just found that other post. It was talking about a gravity fed water container which lasted about 3 days. (I won’t copy the link here because it was about other things as well and quite long.) The person was concerned the water dish might be too deep. My response was “The most important thing is that they can get out of it if they get in. Is there anything you could rig up so that that’s the case. Alternatively is it posssible to fill the dish partly with stones/pebbles so that they can still drink between them, but would ensure no-one got stuck in there? Might help to keep it more stable, as well – but might depend on the design as to whether it’s feasible.”

    A large stone was apparently eventually used.


    I’m away and am using similar to what you have. It’s gravity fed. I also bought a water one. Like you I have friends coming every 3 day to top up feed and change water. I also have lots of water saucers dotted around to catch any rain.
    As Nic says they should have lots of natural food but I have a very regular hedgehog who I am hoping may have hoglets so just wanted to make sure there was some food if she needs a helping hand.

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    Hi simbo65

    Was just putting a p.s. on at the same time you wrote your message!

    Hope you’re having a good time.


    Really good so far. Still keeping track of things here while I’m away.
    Hoping all the hedgehogs at home are fairing ok.

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