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Autumn juvenile – intervene or not?

Home Forums Carers / rescuing a hedgehog Autumn juvenile – intervene or not?

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    So the hoglet made it through the night and went to a shelter today. Seems to be tolerating captivity okay so fingers crossed.

    When I got back I checked the garden and found another hoglet in a bad way. Seemed weak and lethargic, slow to roll into a ball. Was a few grams lighter that the first, but was also extremely wet and cold. Vets were open til 7 and they got her on a heat pad, I hope she makes it through the night. I told them about her sibling at the rescue so hopefully they will be reunited if she pulls through.


    When I got back from vets, I found yet another hoglet in the back garden. This third one seems in better shape, rather lively and not wet through like the other, but still only 130 grams. Vets had since shut so I wasn’t able to take this one. While I was on the phone discussing what to do with hoglet number 3 I found an adult hog in the feeding station. The experts advised I also capture the adult as is likely the mother hog. She isn’t as round as the other hogs I’ve seen here and she has some ticks on her so may need vetinary attention- have been advised to take her and the remaining hoglet to the vet tomorrow and vet will decide how to proceed with her. I was also advised to check all the hog houses to make sure there were no leftover hoglets that hadn’t yet emerged from the nest. I didn’t find any hoglets but found two adult hogs sleeping. I left them alone after establishing they were not baby hogs- I hope I didn’t disturb them too much. I also found a nest box with a well built but empty nest, so I think that’s where the babies came from. I will keep an eye out but I really hope that’s all the hoglets- she’s done amazingly well to raise three this late in the year.


    Hi Kitty878

    Well done getting help for those ones.

    Keep keeping a look out for hoglets. One year I had 12 late hoglets which visited and that was when I didn’t have cameras. Every time I took some to the wildlife hospital, more appeared. I think my car could have almost driven there by itself, it had been so many times!

    They were likely to have had several different mothers.

    None of them had been living in my garden. They just materialised from somewhere.


    Just an update- am pleased to report that the hoglets are doing well in care- hoping to pick up and release the mother hog again soon. Unfortunately over the weekend I also found two new baby hogs and their mother, who are also now at the same rescue as the first- happily those didn’t seem unwell or lethargic, although they were absolutely crawling with fleas. I’ve been shocked by how little they all are- out of the five I rescued only one has been over 200g, and that one was only a few grams over. I hope I don’t get 12 like you did Nic! I also have one of the juveniles from earlier in the year who seems to be hibernating in my garden- she is at a good weight now at 576 grams a few weeks back, probably a lot more now but saw no point in stressing her out by continuing to weigh. I only see her occasionally in the early evenings or the very mild nights so I guess she is sleeping the rest of the time.

    One good thing about the families I rescued- in both cases the mother hog was very large and sturdy, carer said was a good weight considering that mothers with late litters can struggle to keep their weight up with little ones. I hope the supplementary feeding was helpful to them.


    Well done, Kitty878. Hopefully they will all do well. Don’t be too disappointed if they don’t all make it. With those tiny ones, they wouldn’t survive without help, but they don’t all survive even with help. But you have done your best for them. Fingers crossed for them.

    I still have one here not hibernating, although big enough. One who doesn’t like going into feed boxes, so I have to scatter the food on the grass for her. A cat ate some one night but it obviously didn’t have the patience to pick out the kitten biscuits from amongst the grass! The hog is quite happy foraging for them. I put a trail to the feed box, but although she gets to the entrance she still hasn’t been in.

    Good luck to all the hogs and hoglets.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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