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    I’ve just seen a baby hedgehog in my garden! It’s just got dark & seemed ok, a bit smaller than a tennis ball, just snuffling through the border. I was putting out some food & fresh water so I’ve now put extra out just in case there are more of them. Is there anything else I need to be mindful of?
    I don’t have a camera at the moment so I can’t monitor them that way. I have 2 hibernating boxes which I thought were occupied so I’m assuming mum is close by.

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    Hi Funnybee

    Well done increasing the food rations.

    Is there any chance you might be able to weigh the little one. A tennis ball size does sound quite small. But it’s possible it’s already left Mum. If you can weigh it, I would check with your local rescue/rhabilitator (contact details available from BHPS 01584 890801) first to find out exactly what size they need to be in your area by this time of year. They need to weigh 450g or more to have a decent chance to survive hibernation, but it varies a bit from place to place exactly how early it needs to be that weight.

    In the meantime, definitely keep leaving the food and water out. There may even be more hoglets around.

    Good luck, let us know if there’s any more news.


    Hi Nic,
    I’ve been checking our garden regularly over the last week but nothing. On my way back in & there it was crossing the front garden! Obviously not good to be out in daylight & he is only 120g. I don’t live far from Tiggywinkles so will pop over there shortly. I’ve put him in large basket with a towel & small bowl of water. He seems ok. Very inquisitive, currently trying to scale the basket!

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    Hi Funnybee

    Really well done! That’s so good that you managed to catch the little one. Just as well as 120g is very tiny. Lucky that you live near Tiggywinkles. Yes, they can be very inquisitive, especially when they’re small – and excellent climbers!

    Keep an eye out in case there are any more. Sometimes if one turns up others do too.

    Good luck. Hope the little hog does well and can come back to it’s home once it’s big enough to survive.


    Hi Nic,
    Thought you might like an update.
    We did find another one! It was the following afternoon, just near the hedgehog house but still daylight I weighed him and he was 155g. He also had a few fleas and a tick. Took him off to Tiggwinkles straight away.
    I have been keeping an eye out for a mother or more little ones but none so far.
    Quick question, neither of my wooden hedghog houses have a base. I don’t want to disturb them now but do you think it’s better that they do have a base? I can add one next year if so. I’m trying to post a photo of them, not sure if this link will work.


    Baby Hedgehog

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    Hi Funnybee

    That’s brilliant that you rescued another one! Mother may have gone off to hibernate and left them now. But I think you are wise to carry on keeping an eye out in case any more appear.

    Re. the hog houses. It’s choice to a certain extent, but I prefer to have a base on them and mine are lifted slightly off the ground, in an attempt to make them last a bit longer. If you have a base on, at least you can clean them out at the appropriate time and put them back in the same place more easily. But mine also has strips of wood on the bottom that lifts it up a tiny bit but I have it resting on bricks as well, with a brick for a step at the front door.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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