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Bad week

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    I’m having a bad week.
    As you know I had a hoggy put to sleep due to his injuries on monday- today when I went to the hog house, one hoggy had died in the night.
    This hoggy was brought to me last Friday weighing 270g with no apparent injuries.
    He was eating and drinking over the weekend.
    As I’m new to this Hedghog rescue what could have caused this?
    Did I miss something?

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    Hi Bluebean

    So sorry to hear about the poor hog. Sadly, especially with wildlife, not all of them make it, however hard people try to help them. I am sure you tried your very best for it. It’s always incredibly sad when a hog dies.

    Have you, or have you considered, working with an experienced hedgehog carer/rehabilitator. You could learn a lot from them, and they might be able to help you with some of the questions you have. I imagine it is almost impossible to start this sort of thing up on your own, without the knowledge that someone who has already been doing it for a while has. It is great that you want to do this, but maybe you would benefit from some sort of backup in the form of someone more experienced.

    It is really difficult for anyone to answer this sort of question with so little information and if you had another local carer/rehabilitator you could ask, you could give many more details than is possible on here. Just a thought.

    Good luck.


    Totally agree with Nic.
    I speak for myself and probably other rehabbers that we will gladly pass on help and advice – every hog we don’t have to look after frees up a cage for one we do.
    Your hog probably needed to be seen by someone who could do poo tests etc.

    Hogs can appear totally healthy, but there is always a reason why they’ve been rescued. It may not be apparent to the eye and only come up on tests.
    The window of time to treat can be very short once a hog is ‘rescued’
    I for one am always happy to look at an apparently healthy hog even if it’s only to send it home again.

    However, a word of caution, bringing a hog into a caged situation or being relocated causes immense stress on the animal. This can cause an imbalance on the internal parasites that the hog could have been coping with perfectly normally before, therefore hogs/hoglets should only be rescued when there is something out of the ordinary – eg out in daytime or wobbly or excess ticks etc


    I’m booked onto the vale rehab course in October but would love to work with someone to gain experience.
    I liveI live in Delph Saddleworth- is anyone near here?
    I’ve picked up another hedgehog today which is hard to touch!!

    It’s only little- I’ve not weighed it yet cos it seriously does not look well.
    Any ideas what the hardness could be?
    If it’s still alive tomorrow’ I will take it to the vets – in the meantime I’m just trying to get some water down it


    Hoggy went to vets. All hardness was infection ? tumor.
    Vet said he was in pain and advised to put him to sleep.
    Vet charges me £45 for this!!
    RIP little hoggy.


    Hi Bluebean,
    So sad to hear about your little hoggy but at least it’s no longer suffering.
    I recently had to do the same with a little one found in my garden during the day. So upsetting.
    The vet I use does not charge me for any treatment or putting to sleep.
    There is a box for donations.

    There are 2 vets locallyish to me that do not charge for treating wildlife.

    Perhaps you could contact a local carer or wildlife hospital and see who they use and if they charge.

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    Hi Bluebean

    So sad to hear about the hog.

    It’s outrageous that the vet charges you. I thought they treated wildlife free. When I had a badly injured hog and the Wildlife Hospital people were on holiday. I contacted the RSPCA. They weren’t much help in that they couldn’t collect the hog until the next day, which was very distressing as it must have been in a lot of pain. They did, however, give me the name of a vet, who I presume they had connections with, if I could transport it myself. Those vets didn’t charge me for putting the poor hog to sleep.

    It’s hard enough that a hog has to be put to sleep without having to pay for it, when you may not be able afford it.

    Glad to hear you are going on the Vale course. I’m sure that will be a great help. The BHPS should be able to give you the numer of any hog carers/rehabilitators near you. You can ring them on 01584 890801. I suspect many of them are too busy to read what’s on the Forum!

    Good luck.

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