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    Hi, Since the lock down in April I started getting more and more hedgehogs in a bit of land at the bottom of my garden and in my garden I think I got 4 at a time and movement all night with various Hedgehogs. Then one night a female Badger appeared and returned a few nights later. then about a month later a badger was caught on one of the cams I realised that this was a slightly smaller badger and a male.

    A few nights later there was the mother and 2 other badges all feeding in the same area. I also have a hedgehog feeding box in my garden which was still getting visited by the hogs.

    The hogs have slowly stopped coming but there are badgers every night and also a fox which makes the odd appearance. I have never seen any badgers attacking the hogs but not seen any for the last week. My question is do you think the hogs have been predated on by the badgers or do you think they have just moved due to the amount of badgers about. I am missing seeing the hogs and have made extra entrances to my garden so they can miss where the badgers are feeding. I love seeing the badgers as well not sure what to do?

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    Hi nsp24

    It’s possible some of the hogs have been predated by the badgers, but it’s also possible that they have voted with their feet and decided to move away because of the badgers. But hogs tend to ‘disappear’ for other reasons which are not obvious, too and some may even have begun to hibernate.

    It’s a difficult situation, but badgers will kill hedgehogs and even though you haven’t seen it, it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened or might happen. I know it’s hard to do, but probably the best thing for the hogs is if you don’t encourage them into harms way by feeding them. I recall hearing about one badger who, having been accustomed to being fed next to a hedgehog, turned and killed it, despite having other food available. They are predators and it’s a natural thing for them to do. Both lovely animals but without better habitat for both, maybe you have to be content with one or the other visiting.

    Sorry not to have any better suggestions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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