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Big Bruiser is BACK and hungry!

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Big Bruiser is BACK and hungry!

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    Hello lovely hog lovers!
    Well Cutie and Hetty are active and eating well!
    But oh my lord, have they got serious competition for the food!
    Big Bruiser returned three days ago and he’s a very very hungry hog!
    I’m trying to keep up, with yet another feeding station and a large increase in supplies, but there seems to be no limits on what he can eat!
    Hetty and Cutie started coming out earlier to beat the monster to the food 😂 they have been out by 7pm – not even dark!
    But there’s no pulling the wool over Big Bruiser, out he came today at 6.50pm – he is so big the lid lifts on the underbed box feeder when he’s in it!
    Luckily the entrance to Cuties feeding station is too small for Big Bruiser, so Cutie is still getting well fed!
    I thought Cutie was getting a good size, until I saw him/her next to Big Bruiser- bless Cutie looks so small!
    With a bit of luck Bruiser will have his fill and hibernate early!😂

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    Hi Hettihog

    I’m glad to hear that Cutie is still visiting and eating well. Big Bruiser sounds a character! They’re quite clever when it comes to food. Make the most of their visits, it won’t be long now until they’ll probably all disappear for a few months. Then you can start saving up for next year’s hog food!


    Hi Hettihog, so pleased your male has returned and wasn’t the one you feared in a road accident. Gosh, I thought Big Benny was large, but he doesn’t lift the lid on our station.
    I’m confused what is going on here. From eating us out of house and home, (I’ve just received 2×1.3kg of semi moist food so I don’t run out) they have stopped eating. All bar one of the little ones who is managing to eat a small amount. The rest are going in the feeding station but not eating. The water pot still has water in. That doesn’t matter so much as there’s plenty of water all around the house. I’m quite concerned, as I’m use to them disappearing for long periods of time, especially when it’s rained and there’s plenty of live food around. But it’s the fact they are visiting the station and not eating! The food hasn’t changed, not even opened a new packet! They love to confuse us don’t they? Glad your little one is doing well and Hetty. They will soon all be hibernating and what will we all do…… Best wishes


    Hi Nic
    Oh it’s so lovely having the hogs, it may be getting expensive- but it’s worth every penny! Better than any channel on TV!
    Your right, I think I will get prepared for next year and once these three have hibernated ( assuming they do ) I will start a hog saving fund! Lol
    Best wishes x


    Hi Annker
    It’s funny how these spiked creatures keep us on our toes and guessing! Lol I’m sure your visitors will soon get their appetites back as the weather continues to deteriorate. Bet it’s really cold now in your neck of the woods? It’s pretty miserable around me – rain rain and more rain!
    I was so delighted to have Bruiser back, I’m not really bothered about the increased amounts I’m putting out, as I think the more food that is eaten, the better chance they have of making it to next year!
    Best wishes x


    Hi Hettihog, yes, it’s getting cold and frosty feeling here, day and night! Same story, only little one eating food. It seems strange to me as the hogs didn’t hibernate here till December last year and even then Dinky Minky was still running up and down three times a night till mid December. Perhaps its colder this year than last and I’m not really taking that into consideration. There’s plenty of dead leaves under the laurel hedge to collect but tree leaves are still hanging on here. The Hawthorn has just started to shed its leaves. I think all the rain has kept the trees going longer. Not even noticed the lovely colour changes of autumnal leaves this year. I’m well stocked up with plenty of food for spring now as they’ve stopped eating, just hope the little one is going to make it. Will keep plenty of food out incase she doesn’t hibernate. Also stocked up on bird food for winter. Saw two small baby goldfinches feeding with their parent two days ago, thought they were late babies as well. Spent Sunday afternoon cleaning bird feeders in hot soapy water, felt something warm moving on my gloved finger, a tiny baby snail! Took it back to its colony! We sometimes take one for a drive! One will pop out from inside the external mirrors. They usually manage to cling on till we get back home! I often wonder, if they could talk, what would they say to the other snails. “Don’t go on that car thing, I’ve been taken on a world tour by those mad humans at spreads you wouldn’t believe and no respectable snail should go at” 🐌 Best wishes


    PS, that should have said speeds, not spreads….


    So happy big Bruiser is back and healthy – so have you got another hedgehog, Cutie? Is she Hettie’s baby?

    My hedgehogs are now coming out really early, not long after sunset – and arrive back in my garden after 6am, one came back at 7.15am on Saturday morning.

    I haven’t changed the amount of food I gave them over the summer – but they are eating every single last scrap. It’s good news, as I hope they will fatten up for winter.

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