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Bit concerned

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    I have had mum and two little ones in the garden for a few weeks now. At the moment I am only seeing one of the little ones on my camera, never the two little ones at the same time. I think they are probably too small to be hibernating but I am worried that one might have gone into hibernation already.

    The mum uses one of the houses during the day and the hoglet I see is using the other one but all the nesting and leaves has disappeared so I assume its in the house the baby is using as I’ve peeked in the other one when mums out and about in the evening and there’s hardly any nesting in there, definitely not enough for her to hibernate in.

    I know there’s nothing I can do but could it be usual for the two babies to share the same hibernatum and one to be hibernating and not the other one.

    My camera is not 100% reliable, I need to get a new one, but I do find it odd that the new little ones are never on there together now.


    It’s more likely the other baby has gone somewhere else or died. If they are babies they shouldn’t be hibernating yet anyway
    It’s worth calling your local carer and getting some advice


    I called my local wildlife rescue and they said they’re on target to be the right weight to hibernate, I weighed one of them a few weeks ago and it was 250g. I’ll put the camera out again tonight and maybe I’ll get lucky and see if they are both coming out but managing to dodge the camera.


    Our hedgehog came into the garden about 2 months through a hole cut into the side gate for our cat. He/she has made a nest under the shed and seems quite settled. We assume getting prepared to hibernate there. We are following the tips on this website as best we can in our small rear garden. This my question: Can the hedgehog find his way back along the side of the house and out through the gate during the night to forage further afield as would be more natural than being trapped in our garden??


    If it got in that way it will be able to find it’s way out again but you could help it further by cutting a hedgehog hole in your back garden fence. Check with the neighbours first of course but I think most reasonable people should be ok with it considering hedgehogs aren’t bad for gardens in any way

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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