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Boss hog?

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    After a year in our new-buld home (after may years with several hogs in our garden), hogs finally started to visit us. Our feeding station has a camera and we identified at least 8 different hogs visiting over 2 or 3 days, each taking a portion of the food.

    After a couple of weeks ‘Spot’ arrived (he/she has been marked by another keen hog-watcher). Since then, we have not seen another hog on camera and Spot visits 3 or 4 times a night, eventually licking the bowl clean, and we are guessing she stays in the garden full-time. We put out around 40-60 grams of Ark hedgehog nuggests mixed with Spike semi-moist, which seems a lot for one hog every night. To encourage foraging we also put a small handful of food in the hedge on the other side of the garden. Spot scoffs that too!

    We’d love to help out the other hogs too – is it likely that Spot has chased them off? is there any way we can encourage them back (without putting a muzzle on Spot!)?

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    Hi hc25036

    It’s unlikely that Spot would keep the other hogs away permanently. I don’t imagine he spends the whole night in your garden. Male hogs can travel up to a couple of miles a night. (They don’t have territores, as such, but have ranges which overlap.) So there would be likely times when the other hogs could also visit.

    For instance, I have a very dominant hog regular visitor and he rolls up any hog he sees it seems (!) but the others haven’t given up visiting as well. Sometimes they manage to arrive when he isn’t there, or just stay rolled up until he’s gone.

    We often get reports on the Forum that people’s hogs have ‘disappeared’ but they usually return eventually. So the other hogs may just be visiting another part of their ranges, found someone else feeding, had their route blocked by someone mending their fences, etc. Fingers crossed some of them return.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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