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Building a house

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    I now have confirmation that this little fella is visiting every night and eating well.

    Im guessing It was his Dad that I buried in spring 2016, (found run over in front of my house).
    since then odd sightings but only recently have I been sure that this little one has come to say hello.
    He has his feeding box but now i want to build a home for winter. Im about to pick up this. any suggestions on conversion?

    hoping to slight slant the roof sloping forward and remove the bottom shelf and insert a new floor. unsure best place for the door way…?


    home ?


    We have had hedgehogs visiting for over 2 years, last year we had 5 young hedgehogs,this year there are 2. My husband has built 2 hog houses and we have put hay inside. We feed them every night. They go into the hog houses and stay there for upto an hour at a time, then go around the garden and back into the houses again. At around 4 o’clock they disappear out of the garden into a wood pile. Is there any way I can encourage them to stay in the hog houses?

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    Hi Heady

    The short answer is not really. You can make it more inviting by putting a small amount of bedding in and leaving some more nearby, but hogs are wild animals with minds of their own. ‘You can lead a horse to water …. ‘ comes to mind. But hogs apparently sometimes move nests in the middle of hibernation, so potentially could move into one of your hog houses then. Leaving loads of leaves around all winter is a good idea. They don’t need to be spread all over the lawn, as long as they are accessible to the hogs if they need some extra nesting material.

    If there is any chance you can leave the woodpile, at least, until after hibernation (i.e. May) that would be the best thing for the hogs if they are using it. Undisturbed wood piles are good for providing homes for beetles etc. as well, which provide food for the hogs when they are not in hibernation, so a good thing to have in a hog friendly garden at any time.

    Mork74. I really admire your ingenuity, but wouldn’t know where to start converting that into a hog house. I would be interested to see a photo of the finished hog house. Good luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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