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camera batteries

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    i am very frustrated .i set my camera for 2 nights and it was fine.went to set it again ,maybe three days later and the batteries were flat yet again.i havent had them that this normally what happens with rechargable batteries ? i paid around £8 for 8 batteries.any advice please? spikeyb.


    Hi spikeyb, we had trouble when we first started to use cameras,we now use batteries with a minimum of 2850 Nimh and we don’t put the video on for any longer than 10 secs,as anything over that really cooks the batteries.
    All depends on how many visits you have a night to how long they last,on a normal night with 30 or 40 visits to the feeding station they will last 3 nights,we’ve bought double the amount so one lot in the camera,one lot charging.Hope this helps.


    thanks for the advice,i have just set camera for tonight,but will check which ones i have in the morning .also i have mine on for 25 seconds at a time,so think i will change that.much appreciated .


    I have my camera set for around 20 seconds record time. But sleep time is very important as well. Don’t want the camera to be firing all the time. So I set mine to between 45-60 minutes. Hope this helps. Also found 2900 NIMH batteries at 7day shop.



    Hi Spikeyb,

    I have tried all sorts of different batteries and in the case of rechargeables it is well worth investing in quality high power ones such as Philips or Duracell. A quality battery charger is also a must, because I have had cheap ones that have ruined good batteries. I was bought a Maha 8 cell charger recently and it’s fantastic; it looks after the batteries, but charges them really quickly. Not all cameras work well with rechargeable batteries, but the Aldi Maginon which I use most of the time works brilliantly. I use Philips 2500mAh and they last between 3-6 nights depending on the amount of traffic; usually around 30 to 40, 30 second clips per night…most of them cats & wood pigeons. Arghhh!


    I have a Bushnell and record 60sec video with a 120sec gap. I put new batteries in in March and have only changed them once since despite sometimes 30 triggers per night. BUT, I have a solar panel which, although costing £50 two years ago, has, I believe saved me money. The batteries I use are Energizer Lithium. I was told rechargeable batteries are not recommended.


    I have tried all kinds of batteries and the best by far are Wilko extra long life.
    The bonus is they are really cheap too at 1.40 for eight!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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