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Camera fails – or SD Card fails – after a few videos

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Camera fails – or SD Card fails – after a few videos

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    My Browning trail camera usually works perfectly but recently it has become unstable……. It will record any number of videos and register them them on the sd card.

    When playing them on the PC after a few successful clips I get the error message that the file is unplayable or has become corrupted (words to that effect). I have formatted the card several times but with no improvement.

    The frustration is that I don’t know if the camera or the card is at fault so don’t know how to rectifiy. Can anyone shine a light on my problem? Much obliged.

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    Hi Jabali

    Funny you should say that because the same happened to me yesterday. Had actually watched some of the videos but then the computer started saying error – for all videos (even old ones which had been copied to the computer ages ago) – but photos still seemed to work. After trying to find a way to cure it, I decided to use the old fashioned cure of turning the computer off and then on again and it started working normally again. No problem today, either – maybe I was just lucky!

    But it seems to me it must be a problem with the computer – certainly seemed that way with mine. I did discover there are things you can do, if it continued – if you are any good with computers.

    Good luck – hope you manage to find a cure for the problem. So frustrating if you can’t see your hog videos when you know they’re there!


    Hi Nic. Hmmmmm. All annoying, especially as I tried the ‘corrupted’ card on our other laptop withthe same result, even with one oldish card and the other brand new micro card in an adapter. I have to accept it’s just another thing that goes wrong with elctronics for no apparent reason…… why does one sd card default to the locked condition when others don’t; why does one camera always reset to 01.01.2019 when I ensert a card…… why oh why oh……….

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    HI Jabali

    Yes, know what you mean – bit of a love/hate relationship with laptops, camera cards, etc. Love seeing the video, but SO annoying when something goes wrong. I have in the past had an SD card which stopped working properly (despite formatting, etc.), but in a different way from what you described – it started being very unreliable recording things. In the end I put a new one in and everything seemed ok again. But you say you’ve already tried a new one. So unless that was faulty as well … Sorry not to be much help! Hope you manage to solve the problem somehow. Once you’ve had hog videos, you probably don’t want to be without them.


    Hi, I had this problem in the past. I then changed the default viewing to be via VLC Media Player(after doing a google search on the problem) and it never happens now. May I suggest you try this?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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