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Camera success!

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    Well we got the trail camera delivered yesterday and set it up with fingers crossed. Had a look this morning and have one video of a rapidly disappearing hog rear end but also one of a hog having a good snuffle around the feeding station! It didn’t eat anything on video but something has eaten so we’re thinking perhaps there’s one of those famous hog invisibility cloaks in the area. The clips were about 45 mins apart so not sure if it’s 2 different hogs or same one as you couldn’t see enough of the first one to see.

    All in all so pleased camera worked and that we definitely have at least one hedgehog visiting! Going to tweak some camera settings now and have another go tonight. 😊


    Great news-
    Be careful…… becomes addictive.
    It’s my morning ritual- coffee and hog footage.


    Very addictive. I forgot to turn mine on last night. So disappointed in the morning when I realised.


    Thanks and yes I can definitely see how it might become my morning routine too! So good to actually see them though. 😊

    We’ve got a timer on ours which I’ve set up so wasn’t sure whether to just leave it on? It will only trigger between 9pm and 5am. Not sure how quickly it will eat the batteries but I think rechargable batteries are now on my list!


    Check your instructions – some cameras say do not use rechargeable batteries.


    Hi Everyone,
    I agree, I get so excited when I bring the camera in every morning!
    This morning I was very disappointed because it had only taken a couple of pics. Realised that the batteries were too low in power. All set for tonight now.
    I’ve been putting the camera to face the entry and exit point from our garden to next doors, and have started to record timings of their ins and outs. So interesting, they are usually only a matter of minutes off each night! Also, night before last a hoggie conveniently had a good scratch right in front of the cam and I was able to tell that it was a female! First time I’ve ever been able to do that!
    They bring so much joy, brightness in these dark times.
    Stay safe everyone, happy hog watching!


    Hello everyone I have just bought a trail camera and the first night used ordinary battery’s but ran out very quickly. I have a Wimius but have put in rechargeable works great now. Have got a great video of 2 male hogs fighting, and a female sitting away from them I presume, but have tried to upload the video for the competition, but it is saying it is too long , not sure how to shorten it ,anybody help thanks .


    I am a newbie, hi all! I spotted a hog in our backsies (northern for alley behind terraced houses) about 12 months ago. Well tonight there was a very fat healthy hog hiding behind a pot in my garden, I think he’s been in a few times as I keep finding pots tipped over in the morning. Now itching to buy a notion camera, on a budget, any recommendations? I’m so excited I can’t sleep!!


    Hi everyone,
    Sorry Scoobysue, I’m not too good with technology!
    Welcome Jendlath, I’m quite a newbie too, only discovering we had hoggies in September last year! I get excited every night when I see our visitors!!
    We bought a ‘Victure hunting camera, HC200’, on Amazon. It was only about £39 or so. Nice pictures and can take short videos too. It’s a good one for your first cam. It’s so exciting to check the pics every morning! Good luck!!!

    Stay safe everyone


    Hi Jendlath
    I bought 2 Campark T20’s from Amazon for around £50, so far I’ve been pretty happy with them and they have a decent range of features. One issue I have seen mentioned many times is battery life and the right type of batteries to use. When I got my first camera it took much shorter video clips than I had set it to so I assumed there was something wrong with it and I only realised later it was because the batteries were running down. My cameras say not to use rechargeable batteries but after trying normal Duracell AA’s and they ran out in 48 hours I switched to rechargeable and now they last about a week.

    There’s a couple of threads about cameras here:

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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